Friday, October 11, 2002

WASHINGTON, Oct. 11 — The Senate joined the House on Friday morning in voting solidly to give President Bush the authority to use force against Iraq, approving a resolution endorsed by the president and leaders of both parties.

mental ramblings::..

and so the dominoes which held our country's ideology continues to fall....fall... we all know that all great empires will soon fall...from Babylon to Egypt to Greece to Rome... and now us aka's too bad. i like living here but people keep fucking it up for us. people shall fall. bombs will fall ( cue in outkasts' "bombs over bahgdad", the remix because the effects are going to last awhile)... blood shall fall... fall... its funny... normally i fall in love in autumn. but this fall, i shall mourn. i have been mourning. mourning since the twins fell. mourning for the thousands of martyrs were made faster than what corporate conveyer belts can produce, mourning for the palestenian people, the mindanoa region, the women in afghanistan, the young children sold in sex slave rings in the philippines, the orphans of jenin, the 10 victims of the death card sniper, the future US soldiers whose path will lead them behind the barrel of some gun...

a gun whose trigger will never be pulled by the powers that be because the stand behind pawns who we call our loved ones...

my thought goes to keoni, stationed in south korea. i wonder if today's events will affect him. i hope not. its funny how someone who can get closest to my heart is physically farthest from it. my prayers go out to you, keoni. come home soon.

"Freedom is what we make of it. If we stand against
repression, authority and illegitimate structures, we
are expanding the domain of freedom and that's what
freedom will be. That's what we create; there is
nothing to define in words."
-- Noam Chomsky

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