Monday, October 28, 2002

my weekend synopsis:::...
* "Let It Be Known" event ( aka US troops out of the Philippines) went pretty well, despite of all the crazyness involved. i hosted the first half of the show which was quite interesting because it was all last minute. the performances were lovely. the vibe was empowering. however, the crazyness at the end is the only thing that i keep thinking about. a group did not perform because of a misunderstanding. i hope we can make ammends with them.

* two of my art pieces are being displayed at the Gabriela Network art showcase. it is such an honor to be part of that. i hope to finish my painting series by this december. i would love to showcase all eight paintings at an art show next year.

*hosted NOMMO. ish and i were close to cancelling it but a handful of people came by. it was difficult because we were competing with a huuuuuuuuge halloween party next door. guests had to recite their poetry to "YMCA", "It's Raining Men", and "Play that Funky Music." dorian came and shared his amazing work, to promote our show at the J Paul Getty Museum. (( getting all giddy)). i can't wait!

*going to Hooter's with the morton brothers is a trip. testosterone for everybody! DJ and i had stolen moments of make up talk, boy talk, what boots are on sale talk, and the benefits of peppermint tea in between our gasps of "chauvanistic pig!" and "terrible".

*i have too much clothes and too many shoes. i need to have a garage sale. screw it. i need to give away my stuff.

*the girls and i from BC performed at the anarchist anti-war conference. the night was filled with mosh pits, indigenous drums, flutes, punkers, and doc martins. we did our spoken word collab and surprisingly, our audience listened and gave us whistles and cheers. here, i was thinking they would be bored with us because we were not wailing in microphones or beating on drums or playing guitar. they sat down, listened, recieved, and then sent love. i guess it doesn't matter how we deliver the message, it is the sentiment that counts. NO WAR!.. plain and simple...

*i need a massage.. i am treating myself with a day at the spa

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