Monday, January 27, 2014

Art Retreats: All the Right Weaponry

I have taken a long hiatus in making art just so that I can live life. Sometimes, life has to be experience before I can dive into making anything. I feel that the most strongest of my pieces are the ones that are truthful and real. They are autobiographical and something that I am currently making sense of at the moment.

The more and more I meditate and focus on my health (all aspects of it- spiritual, emotional, mental, physical), the stronger the creative flow becomes. But it also attracts a lot of opportunities, opportunities that at the moment are taking so much of my focus.

Sometimes, I need to take art retreats- a weekend to another city and post up and work. There are so many distractions at home and I have not had the strict discipline to shut them out. These art retreats also calms my wanderlust and allows me to not only shut out my immediate world but be able to retreat and travel and look at new things.

Here is me, in a hotel room in San Francisco, working on the current series, "All the Right Weaponry"

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