Monday, January 27, 2014


It's been a few months but today I finally recieved the ReSketch project book that I backed on Kickstarter. The idea came about from Shawn Smith of Shawnimals noticed that there are tons of unused paper scraps sitting in warehouses. He wanted to start a project where he takes all these unused paper and bound them together and what you have is a 100 page sketch book with different textures and colors, helping to ignite creativity and push the artist to accomodate each page with a different perspective.

The amazing part is that he got several established artists to participate in this project. At the level I donated, I get to choose the artist (only 30 books made of each artist) and I get a SIGNED copy as well as Shawn's work laser etched in the back. So excited to see the Tara McPherson sketch book in my hand right now. They also added a workbook of creative prompts, something I had no idea i was going to get but I'm so thankful in getting.

Each page is different in color, texture and weight. I can see myself playing with different mediums with each page.

I am extremely happy with this kickback and glad that I was able to help launch this project off the ground!

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