Monday, August 13, 2012

Slow down

**all photos are by me**

August 13th, 2012: We are almost done with summer. I have to fill each day with this lovely weather because soon it will be autumn. I love autumn but I also want to slow down time. The way to do that is to be present in each moment and just savor it.

We are finally having triple digit heat and at first, I must say, I was really annoyed. But at the same time, SoCal rarely gets this type of temperature so I should still be thankful and enjoyed it for what it is. Spent the whole day with family yesterday and all I did was swim in the pool, contemplate about life and planning the next step.

Next adventure: East Coast trip with my favorite guy. We're going to West Virginia!


RETNA from the inside

RETNA from the outside

Downtown LA: Midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises. Opening night.

One the phone with my clients. I listen better when I am doodling.

Bribing the nephew so he can vote for me for "Best Auntie."

In the spa. Then in the pool. Then back in the spa again.

I brought my waffle iron to work on Friday and treated my coworkers to Belgium waffles.

SANRIO x YOGURTLAND. My favorite time of the year.

Little Twin Stars

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