Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A funny thing happens when you put your desire to the Universe- the Universe conspires to bring you your desires.

I have been toying with the idea of getting a dog. I have been looking at shelter sites and seeing what dogs are available for adoption. I have been researching on what dog is suitable for me. i was resolved with getting a maltese/poodle/terrier, about 2 years old with low energy.

My sister is an animal lover and for the most part, she believed i was not ready for one. I was never home. I can barely take care of myself. I am not smart with my money.

So of course, i hesitated.. Because i certainly didn't want to ruin a life.

and then this guy came into my life- every thing i ever wanted in a dog but nothing i was searching for: chihuahua/ mini pinscher mix PUPPY (which means, boundless energy):

This guy followed my neighbor for two blocks, dodging traffic just to get to her. She is a dog nanny so keeping a stray was a liability to her clients. I agreed to foster the dog and to make a long short, i fell in love with the little guy. 

There is something about loving and caring about a being outside of you. Yes, i have my friends and my family and their kids, but i don't see them all the time. all i have is me, and i all i have to be accountable for is myself.

which means, i don't necessarily take care of myself as i should. i am laxed. i am flighty. i am a free bird and i am damn good at it.

but like all birds, there should be a nest ...

i needed structure. 

and that is what Guinness the dog is giving me.

By taking care of him, i am stepping outside of myself. i am making sure he is fed, hydrated. I am making sure he is clean. i am training him. I am making sure he is happy and well exercised. 

By taking care of him, i am taking care of myself. 

So here it is... my lesson. my lesson in staying open. My lesson in staying strong but being vulnerable.  My lesson in unconditional love. My lesson in COMMITMENT.

and i wasn't looking for it. i didn't choose it. Guinness chose me.


Anonymous said...

Good point, though sometimes it's hard to arrive to definite conclusions

Anonymous said...

how are you?

Just wanted to show my appreciation for your time and hard work