Friday, July 02, 2010

Lately, I have been wanting a dog. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's because I am ready to kick back a bit. Maybe I am ready for some sort of commitment. Maybe I just want to have my own "immediate" family. or at least a sense of one.

I saw a pic of Rome, a pekingnese and immediately wanted to meet this dog.

I have owned 4 pekineses in my lifetime. the rest were terrier mixes and a puggle. pekingneses reminds me of my grandpa ebojo, who gave my family two of them. he loved their father, sir michael, and was spoiled.

so when i saw this pic, i felt my grandpa. it reminded me of family and i really wanted to meet him to see if we are a good match.

i planned on heading out to the OC shelter and meet this dog. never had the immediate initiative as i did with other dogs before.

i found out he was no longer in the list and must have been either returned to his owner, or adopted.i was soooooo sad, so disappointed, and bummed that i didn't get to see him.

He looked like Blackie, Poochie, and Skipper combined. Looking at this dog reminded me about my childhood, about growing up with loving, calm, sensitive doggies, and my grampa.

... which is probably why i was so sad. 

the next dog i open my home to will definitely be from a shelter. as romantic and fun it sounds to get a puppy and purchasing them, so many dogs are put to sleep needlessly every week. when that brought to my attention, i can't think of buying a dog at a mall. esp, for close to a thousand of dollars. it's ridiculous. the shelters have so many dogs are available to fit the needs of the owner. many of them purebreds.  

just look at these pugs! they are up for adoption in Beverly Hills:

but if a person is looking to adding an addition to their home, i would pray it's because it would be a constant flow and exchange of love, and not because they are an accessory.

I know. i know. i refused to watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua because i know the movie's formula. my mom had it so i borrowed and watched it while i was painting.

it had a pretty good message about adopting dogs. i am sure this is a good message to pass down to youth =)

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Anonymous said...

Wow Alfie, that was deep!! I miss my Grampa just hearing you talk about yours.

Just know that you are a gift to those who know you, or know of you, because not many people can express themselves so freely and purposefully all the time.

Anyway, I truly wish you all the best that life and love can bring because you really do deserve it!!

Keep your head up!!