Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ever go thru coldspells (As an artist) and how do you deal with them? Been trying to kick mine for 6 months (grumble)

yes, definitely. sometimes i just go with it. an artist gotta experience and live life a bit before they can express. or somethings gotta impact an artist in order to motivate her/him to create. i personally don't do drugs or drink so can't turn to those. (they make me useless than productive.) so what i do is just practice. sketch. grab my camera and take pics for my own stock photraphy. write in my journal. read books. watch quality flicks. because creation is about expressing something unique about your, your story-telling. practicing is for technique. it will spark something. also, if you want art challeges, join for challenges and assignments. for typographers,

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