Thursday, October 29, 2009

"These sneakers are so dang girly, instead of insoles, they have sanitary pads."- Manila Ryce

a friend of mine gave me three Nike sneakers to freak - one being his, one being his friend's, and one being for my self. he also lent me paint to paint the sneakers how ever way i want to paint them.

and how it often happens, i froze.

i work well under pressure. often times TOO well. to the point that the only way i can get shit done is to light a fire underneath my ass fueled by stress and catalyzed by procrastination.

but as i was thinking (and affirming) to myself last night, time is too damn precious and valuable to be procrastinating and sit in a pool of fear. i can't say i am scared of a lot of things, but the one thing that scares me is not being able to do all the things i want to do with this life. i don't want to wait around. i don't want to have the attitude that i deserve something and that it should be handed down to me. i don't want to keep saying "tomorrow." i don't make excuses and i don't take them either.

but like art making, and writing, and working out, and with everything, it is all a process... and i need to learn how to love it.

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