Monday, July 27, 2009

Lately, majority of what I write has been less creative and more functional. Business emails, reports, notes, information.

And many of my reflections have become internalized and less express in this here blog o’ mine.

As a check in, as if any of you are ready religiously, I just wanted to say that I am doing well, continuing to practice what I have learned in the past ten years. I am happy, loved, determined, dreaming, making dreams come true, working hard, being more fearless, carrying less guilt, being more forgiving, sharpening focus, embracing the moment, encouraging growth by growing, and most of all – letting go everything that I don’t need.

There’s my check-in in a nutshell.

And as always, I have been busy. In fact, for the past seven years of me packing my schedule of beautiful things that matter, I am spending the last year trying to streamline. It’s kinda working. I am pissing less people off. Haha! Aye… I try. But in the same vein, that’s how the blood flow…

Here is a DOPE DOPE video done by Rens of Assembly Line Artists. He and Son Cleva teamed up with Chinky-Eyed Productions to bring you “Constant Elevation” at the KGB Gallery in Downtown LA. This night was pretty amazing and though I admit I didn’t know majority of the people there, it was nice to be at a new spot and MEET new people.

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