Monday, July 27, 2009

I knew them FOREVER

Moonie is the first close friend I met in FASA, and Lovella moved in my house shortly after she graduated from Mt Saint Mary's. They were in their first stages of dating at the time so you can say I saw them develop their relationship from the beginning.

So it wasn’t a surprise when after years of living with me, she moved in with Moonie.. and it was expected that they were going to get hitched so when they asked me to be one of their bridesmaids, I wasn’t surprised.. and it isn’t surprising to think that they one day will have a kid of their own.

Well, not until you find yourself sitting by your twitter, or your facebook, or your texts, trying to get the updates of this baby’s arrival.

And not until you walk through the doors to this hospital room would you be prepared of the feeling of giddiness, a feeling so inexplicable because you are about to meet the kid we so flippantly knew was coming, actually being here on earth!

I used to go to Boxer Booty Blasts where he DJ’ed. Used to go shopping every weekend with her cuz she has this shared fascination of checking out the window displays. I used to ditch class with the first Original Lunch Crew where he and I were the “founders.” Lived vicariously through her as she collected Beenie babies and stored them into huge plastic bins so that they don’t collect dust.

I can go on and on about the memories but then it would eat up my break here at work. Basically what I am saying is they are family.

In short, that child is here! And I am so elated!!!

Meet Baby Riley Michaela

Look! she's smiling... or farting in my hand:

these are my guardian angels watching over her... no worries, riley.. we got you covered. welcome, little one.

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