Monday, December 15, 2008

listening to: the dog outside barking at nothing, mixed with "bamboo shower" by saru
feeling a bit: overwhelmed but managing peace
sipping on: ariva coffee, soy, and sweetened by agave

rain rain, go away. come again another day. preferably when my roof is fixed.
rained last night. roof has a leak. sucked majorly. spent the whole day cleaning the damage the rain did in my living room, particularly my down sofa. i salvaged it.

that's all i want to expound on that.

on to happier things...

meet lulu lashay... she now belongs to the woman who taught me how to knit, my friend, beth paolozzi

and the artshows come like whoa
thanks to UNITED Cats for hosting December's group art show at the Regent. They sold two of my prints. congrats for them selling work and supporting local artists!

meanwhile, the shows keep coming. thank the lord that i am continually blessed with beautiful people.

Beatrock Clothing finally opened a flagship store.
this was from october's opening. yes, i am always reppin'.

on saturday, Simbulan curated "Sights and Sound" at Beatrock in Long Beach.

we are always talking business. it's no small feat- david, owner and designer of Beatrock, expresses to me the newfound stress of owning a business, newly married, and having a child. they are only 30 but they are managing. still he tells me, that he can't help but worry.

this is me with stuter's wife Angel and Dave's wife, co-owner of Beatrock, Vinnie

angel really lives up to her name. she is one of the sweetest women out there. and she has your back no matter what!

i'm mad envious of her red hair!

more pics of the artwork to come, but meanwhile, the place was pretty damn packed

and of course, ver and i had art shows the same exact day. after beatrock, i drove from Long Beach to Santa Monica to catch ver at her show. congrats, mama!

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