Thursday, December 04, 2008

attention design geeks

this is a 28 minute film on mid century modern design.

maybe it's the oh-so-retro cheverolet presentation.

but i am seriously geeking out right now at 1:17am..

A Tribute to the Men and Women, Who Design. A beautiful film highlighting the importance in America of design and aesthetics in every day items. It is interesting to see that this style, and the aesthetic of 1958 is returning to our modern lives... but we're not buying American anymore... we're buying Ikea. If you liked this, check out "American Thrift" to learn about American buying habits.

i have pretty much shed my penchant for shabby chic. maybe, just maybe, i will have a fluffy colorful quilt, but i don't like the huge clunky, weathered look right now.

( look at me talking like i have means to redecorate my house. hahaha!)

but i was able to score a couple of danish chairs. i just need to shop around for new fabric and reupholster them.. maybe even paint them in a mahogany.

pics coming soon.

in the mean time... i am so loving Cees Braakman's furniture

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