Thursday, November 06, 2008

the Voodoo Lounge: Halloween 103008

abstract butta asked me to help him out with his Halloween version of Voodoo Lounge. Voodoo Lounge happened to fall on the day before Halloween.

the theme for the night?


i didn't get my costume in time. i wanted to go as McCain's Bangladeshi-Adopted-Daughter gone bad but when i started reading more about her and how she was going through discrimination and race insensitive rumors (not by her family, well... not reported at least, but by the Bush adminstration and cabinet), i felt less than inspired to portray her. i felt for her and hope that she does lead a spiritually-rewarding life.

so i went as the best alfie numeric i can be.

me with ShoNuff and Sassy Malone

agala blue's parents, tam (the priestess) and abstract

normally, yuko is eye candy , but with this geisha zombie costume, i couldn' t look at her too much with out freaking out

i like the bartender. he's nice!

hello, legs!


afterwards, Lyrech and i went for late night stoner dinner at Full House, where the MSG of the food made my left arm swell up.

that could have been my costume... i could have gone as igor.

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