Thursday, November 06, 2008

Right after Allison's and Ellen's wedding, phloe came with me to Ozzie Dot's to find myself an outfit.


i was not having fun.

i was overwelmed with everything. didn't know who i was going to be or what i was going to wear. i am not like ver who makes her costume from scratch and always comes with it.

but after talking to my boy in chicago the night before, i realized that i can pull off Tura Santana. i got black clothes, and the eyeliner. just needed the wig and the gun.. oh and the motorcycle gloves.

ver as the Titanic victim

me in gear, complete with the pointy 4.5 inch stiletto boots that Melinda got me


no seriously.


in the main courtyard of LACMA

with jen as the cute bumble bee

this photo does no justice as how cool jason's zombie outfit was

lady on stilts, looking like she is riding a zombie ostrich

jellyfish costume made out of bubble wrap!

80's movies come alive!

ipod billboard, all tutting out

at this point, some drunk dude took my camera and took our picture

aftwards, we went to the Hive Gallery to meet up with more folks

and this is a look of pure comfort and happiness as i traded in my boots for hi-tops. not so vampy but eh...

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