Thursday, August 25, 2005

random ramblings as i wait for my taxi

* this is my first time taking a taxi. wierd huh? well, not actually this ride but my ride from yesterday. as far as i can remember, i have taken different modes of transportation such as shuttles, buses, jeepneys, bikes with a passenger car, that sort of thing.

its not the same as it is in the movies. you don't have that impersonal wall between you and the driver. this is basically an economy car in which the dude drives you every where.

ever seen a female taxi driver? i want to be one for a month, just to see what it is like. but give me that impersonal protective glass please. i am not that daring.

--i am the queen of overpacking. i thought i had it down to a science in my last trip (sf with michelle) but i ended up wishing i had brought some kind of choice. this trip, i brought two small suitcases, a carryon, and a backpack. i feel justified in having all those clothes because a.) it's my first time out of a country in soooo long and b.) i have no idea what i will be doing here,

but leland convinced me that we probably would be going to the beach and then something chill after. after finding out he is only going to be bringing a backpack, i reconsidered.. so now i am down to a backpack and a small carryon. proud of me?

just don't question why it is three days (not counting today) and i brought three bottoms and a gajilion tops. i am working on the efficiencey folks.

--- the locals are telling me to be careful of the mosquitos out here. costa rica has had a problem with the dengue fever outbreak. "if you see a striped mosquito, kill it. it's pretty serious."

ok, so why am i suspect on everything that moves out here. and that is alot to question considering i am in a jungle. i went up stairs to test my bug repellent. i have highly sensitive skin so i tested it by spraying it on my left leg. no swelling, reddening, hives, or eczema then we are good to go. so far so good adn this makes me happy ... cuz:

vanessa says "dengue fever is nasty. you can die. and you got all this nasty shit on your face."
phloe says, "oh yea, dengue is no joke. you wouldn't want to get that."
leland says, "you only die when you get dengue twice. the second time is the hemorraging dengue. the first time, you just get extremely sick."

ok, so love to all God's creatures but i keep an eye out on mosquitos. fuck just the striped ones. AAAAAALLL OF THEM.

---- paula got me scared of snakes now.

ooooooh, my ride's here... see you soon!

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