Wednesday, August 31, 2005

back in the LA grind

back in the LA grind

the week went by way too fast. just the other day , i was chillin at carribean coast of costa rica with one of the dopest souls out there, learning spanish, swimming in warm clear waters, drinking jugos naturales, soaking up the sun, and laughing endlessly.

now i am in my house, not knowing where to start with my work.

i miss costa rica and hanging out with leland. i now understand why he chose such a beautiful country to live and work.

now i gotta remember why i live and work and get my butt in gear to work. i have so much to do and daydreaming about hanging out in the beach is certainly not helping. yes, friends, i am haveing withdrawal pangs.

i have so much do do. i need to do invoices. i need to design shirts. i need to design websites. i need to paint some pieces for fpac's art pavillion. i need to organize the poetry slam. i need to start forming my workshop classes. oh man.

but before i leave the computer and start painting to ellen degeneres (missy elliott is the featured guest. this should be interesting lol), i learned several things:

--- i need to at better- i have had a week full of yummy dinners at fine restaurants, natual juices, fresh fruits, and lots of water. it has made a difference in how i feel, physically and emotionally.

--- I need to be more active- my sister bought bmx bikes and we went biking for the first time in years. Bmxs are different in regular bikes because they are mainly for doing tricks. You can’t sit down and pedal, you have to stand and peddle.

So it was tons of fun and my main trick is hopping off the curb . But boooooy, let me tell you, peddling back was a biiiiiiiyaaaaaatch. We had to GET OFF the bike and walk it up. Damn.

And all we really did in costa rica is walk (until I sprain my ankle while hiking in the jungle, then I hobbled) everywhere and swam in the beach. It was awesome!

Next time I go, I want to do the canopy tours...

--- being naked is not so bad- yes my friends, I said it. I dropped most of my insecurities and went skinny dipping for the first time. What a beautiful feeling to be in the ocean, the water fully hugging you. Awesome awesome feeling. Plus, it was so hot and humid that y ou don’t have time worrying about what you look like in a bathing suit or in a tank top. Sorry, no pics of that experience. Lol.. I am not THAT comfortable.

I tell you more about it later. I gotta work now. And soon there will be pics. =)

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