Wednesday, October 06, 2004

lagging like a mawfawka

life happens hella fast. i know. i know. i lag in posting pics and/or just typing in what is going on with me.

so here goes...

miko came down for my bday. she stayed for a week and let me tell you, that week is not long enough. miko has earned her title of best friend and now have been promoted to sister. really. cuz we grew up together.

i took her to the jose ramirez art reception at 33 1/3 bookstore in silver lake. jose is an established los angeles artist who both of us admire. he has been giving me his advice and support for my work and i can never be more thankful for that.

a painting of his

we met up with alain formerly of numerous cat

and grizzly, aka igrow, aka mr. wooly

bff... hahahaha. i just learned that term this year

i wonder what miko was thinking here...

and here...

yea, alain... i did it.. i posted this pic. hehhehehe

yes, i was sober in this pic...

the following week, phloe, my trusty padnah in crime, hit up gallery 1988 for a graffiti show featuring ewokone, totem, and revok. it was pretty fucking amazing. (note: i apologize for the lack of complex vocabulary. at this hour, i just cuss alot to get my point across)

started off with a piece from ewokone


thelma and louise came right after work, early ... beat the line for free wine and vodka

harry said,"man, if can paint a fraction as good as these guys, and charge a fraction of what they price their pieces, i would be able to pay my rent." phloe contested.

luke said,"yo, saw you earlier but you know, i had to get my drink first." phloe concurred.


angry men in bunny suits by ewok

danielle made it.. she got this thing about opening her mouth as big as she can

what danielle has got is contagious, as we can see here. and slim is deathly scared

as the night goes on, phloe gets progressively inebriated. here, we find her sitting on the curb after 4 vodka drinks and i don't know how many beers.

and this is phloe convincing me that she is alert enough to drive me home.

i don't know what jedi is doing here but apparently, he doesn't have the open mouf syndrome that phloe and danielle has. he has the tongue in cheek one.

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