Thursday, December 12, 2002

this just in::...
somebody is using my picture without my knowing. i don't care. it is advertising my friend's shirts and i like that pic of me!

stressed but blessed

yesterday's stress level was at 9.25 out of a scale of 10. everything is due this week. EVERYTHING. the one that is causing me stress is the magazine i am designing at work. changes are made time and time again, because big boss man keeps changing his mind. so after a month or so lollygagging and schmucking around, the deadline is friday and all of the sudden, urgency befalls on them which leads me to be the one to save the day. not fair. AND to top it all off, my supervisor, who is the laisain ( spelling?) between me and big boss man is sick today. this means alot of emailing. which means converting alot of print jobs to web friendly files. faaaaaaaack!

and to make matters worse, i got called out by one of my freelance clients. my bad, i will admit. i am not afraid to admit when i am wrong. we lost touch and so his project fell last , and well.. you know how it goes. i profusely apologized. that is why i am such a stickler for communication. anybody i who i work with knows that i am constantly on them or i encourage them to be on me like white on rice. its just how i like things run.

i am a bit better than yesterday. today is level 8, slowly coming down to a possible 7.75. i just keep remembering the bigger picture and i remind myself why i always like to be in the frontlines of everything. though stressful, producing art in any way shape or form is beautiful to me. it is my way of giving birth and feeling the joys of that womb.

remembering the bigger picture:

listing the places i shall be going in the upcoming year (Lord-willing):
in no order-
1. seattle (i miss miko)
2. hawaii (conference and i miss auntie oding)
3. new york (meeting and i miss teresa, satoshi, and bubba)
4. san francisco (for carolina's and barbara's show!)
5. manila, philippines (for writing conference)
6. chicago ( gotta hang with miss luv jones)
7. toronto, canada (gotta visit imani, sun of man)
8. taos, nm (poetry circus with kkarma, sakura, and kwasi)
9. colorado (snowboarding and joaquin, make sure he is okay)
10. lake tahoe (snowboarding with arndog and the crew)

okay i feel better. it is not like extensive traveling like paula's agenda but it is exciting for me nontheless.

but nothing beats living in los angeles. i love la. i love every part of it. it is what made me... me...

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