Friday, December 13, 2002

"hey, kid, walk straight, master your high"---aceyalone

awww, man. i am spent. i am through. i know i have been complaining for the last few days of being stressed and over worked. well, i've dun did it now. i pulled an all nighter. i am with out sleep. and for good reason.

i was working late on a logo that i was hired to do. it was a little after 1am when i get this instant messenger from tom. tom is this guy who owns his own internet business and he contracts me work here and there. well, tom was in china for a business meeting and he urgently needed my help.

seeing that my health is more important, i politely declined and informed him that i can't do any more work until sunday evening.he said it was too late and offered me double of what i normally charged. still not feeling up to it but still tempted, i waivered. i told him the earliest i can do it is friday night. granted, i had to possibly flake out on the BC christmas party.

he then told me he forgot and needed the design by tomorrow (today) morning so that the company staff can critique it. so he asked for it right then and there. i almost flipped!

i was about to say "awwwww, maaaan" when he offered $100 an hour.

well damn...i was like "okay, where are the photos, the content, and the competitor's site! i needed the money and that rate don't come around too often. so , here i am, playing talib and a few of my favorite cds, eight cups of coffee, and burning nag champa. wendal logged on and saw me online at 3am and offered to come by and bring me some juice. whatta guy!

to make a long story short, i basically took a shower, and head off to work (day job). i am a zombie right now. my hands are shaking. putting on make up doesn't wake me up any better. i might as well get coffee IV'ed to my viens.


YEA, i got pimped but who cares!!! praaaaaaaaise god!!!! woooo thank so much for giving me that oppurtunity!!!

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