Wednesday, December 18, 2002

random thoughts

lookie lookie, i got hookie::..
played hookie yesterday. called out only to play "home alone". well, actually, don dada's room got flooded from a leak in the roof. it was terrible. all his stuff was soaked. i felt so bad for him because that was definitely not something one wants to come home to. luckily his comics were salvaged. his bed, however, was not. i spent the day hoping my pop could come over to help me fix it but he was stuck all day at a meeting with his PO.

come over for dinner::..
ever since i started vegetarianism ( is that a word?), i find myself preparing my food, seeing that there is a lack of choice out there. not like berkeley. at berkeley, they had vegetarian restaurants all over the place. i was a happy camper.
but now i cook. sometimes, i cook way too much for myself that i end up wasting the left overs.
so here is an open invitation to my friends. come over for dinner if you are down for meatless soul food. i would be more than happy to share what i have. just bring me some hazelnut iced coffee and call it even!

it's on!!!
caine gonna come over and put christmas lights up in my house!!!! public big donkey kong thank-you to CAINE!!!!!

this saddens me::..
Black students charged for a hate crime targetting African-Americans
question: when this first was reported, it was viewed as a hate crime and was assumed that it was done by a hate group. it was also done on the anniversary of the university's desegregation. if it was done by white students, activists would call for the expulsion of these students. knowing that it is done by black students, should activists have the same fervor with them as if they were non-black? why or why not?

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