Friday, December 20, 2002

caine and the red-nose beer run

it is official. it is christmas at villa carmona (that is what i named my house). we have a mini-me-charlie-brown-christmas-tree sitting on a wooden stool (why buy a full size tree so late in the month? besides, it is still alive so i am going to plant it in the front yard), all my presents are wrapped, and the halls are decked with naked baby angels ( my dude friends should get a kick out of that).

and thanks to caine, i have lights put up on my house! (((( yaaaaay!!)))

but that night was quite an adventure. after dinner, caine explained it to me how impertenent it is to have beer while putting up lights. must be a family tradition. so after dinner, caine and i walked down the street and around the corner to 711 for his cervezas. ind to tell you it was dang cold out there and niether of us had a jacket.

caine got caught talking to (let's call him fred cuz he looks like a fred), the nieghborhood drunk guy. he is this older man with bottle-bottom lens glasses and a turned up gilligan hat. he's cool. i have seen him around the hood before. he chills at the laundrymat and watches the laker game.

i proceeded to walk in, sipping on my horchata, when i noticed that there was no beer. i walked around the store in disbelief, thinking i have missed a whole case. in comes caine. i break the news to him. he sat there. processed the info. then said in a voice sounding much like scooby doo, he turns to the clerks and said "WHHAAAAAAT? NO BEEEEER? HOW CAN YOU NOT SELL BEER?" "no liquor license," they say.

so out we go in the night's chilly air. he says to fred, "NO BEER? THAT IS HORRIBLE! TERRIBLE! UNHEARD OF!"

we then go to ring's market, the neighborhood liquor/mini mart across the street. we meet up with the owner, an older chinese man, sporting a baseball cap, dockers, and a member's only jacket. they sold beer but grampa ring said he doesn't take credit cards. "YOU DON'T ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS?? BUT WHY???" grampa ring then suggested we go to 711 and get cash from their atm.

so here we are, opening my wallet and trying to conjure up any change i had lying about. i came up with three dollars and some change. while we were looking at their selection of malt liquors that we have never heard of, in comes a women in sweats, her house slippers and her hair in rollers. she opens the door next to us, taking out a can of beer. she nods her head towards us and says "good evening." polite woman i must say.

so to make a long story short, caine ended up with a 40 oz. bottle of michelob light wrapped in a paper bag. boy it was classy, i tell ya.classy.

as we walked towards my house, he takes a sip out of his paper bag, and in a matter-of-factly kind of way says, "i can understand not having the means to process credit cards. but i cannot fathom the thought of 711 not having beer. that's blasphemy."

got bored so i was playing with numerology
Your Heart Number is 5
Makes you a bit of a free spirit. You enjoy your independence and may be a little resistant to letting yourself get tied down. You crave variety and are liable to enjoy anything that's new and different.

Your Personality Number is 3
Which should lend you a rather charming and enjoyable character. Interesting and engaging, you're liable to excel in social situations and people will really enjoy your company.

Your Image Number is 8
Makes you very concerned with matters of the outer world. It's important that you appear to be successful in the eyes of others. You like being in the game, and have every intention of winning.

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