Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My boy Cy and I chatted a bit at work.  He commented on one of my tweets:

"Not everybody's opinions should matter to you: but most of the time, their feelings should."

and what i meant is that i understand that at some point, you would have to break away from the need to be accepted by everybody. you can't please everybody if it means compromising your Spirit. sometimes, you have to filter those opinions out because often times those opinions are a reflection of unresolved issues going on inside of them.

but at the same time, if you are are friend, a source of inspiration as well as a source of encouragement, then you must consider their feelings. this goes with them as well.

it's a sense of respect we need for each other. yes, you should speak your thoughts. you should express your feelings.

 but not everybody comes from a place of love. they come from a place of pain. pain that has nothing to do with you.

my friend joel put it this way:

"it's a blogging world. people think they can pose their opinions on you like they are entitled."


i know for myself i am learning the art of communication. but to only to those who are willing to engage in a dialogue.

the photo above is Cy's wallpaper for his iPhone- my painting. so honored to know that he uses it. that m y art is part of his daily life. that is the most amazing part of creating art. that some one "gets" your message enough to hold on to it =)

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Amazing new cd from The Roots. Just bought it two days ago and so far i love it. It may be on rotation for awhile =)

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