Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sometimes, I miss talking.

I miss being able to speak for long periods over everything, anything, and sometimes over nothing.

I blame it on the phone, how my Palm Centro is so obsolete you might as well call it archaic and speaking without an earpiece re-enacts a sizzling cracked egg over a Teflon surface with a narrator saying "This is your brain on drugs" echoes overhead.

... I miss the giddiness.

Maybe it isn't so much about speaking.. but also listening... wanting to see that dangling participle fall from lips.

I miss the exchange.

The exchange of thoughts carved out from air with voicebox cutters.

No blinking cursors dancing across the screen.

No buzzing phones in pockets with each "I was thinking of you."

Speech without impedement.

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Anonymous said...

Life without technology. Remember that?