Thursday, July 01, 2010

Around one year ago, lil baby Riley was born to my college friend and my long time roommate.

She was a teeny tiny thing and immediately she started resembling after her father. but as she grew, she started showing her mama's features. and who they have is one of the most girliest daughters around.

I remember her mom (before she became a wife to my college friend and before she became a mommy) used to collect toys for her future kiddies. She had so many beanie babies, all stored in plastic tubs to keep the dust and the spiders out. I think deep down inside she knew her first child was going to be a girl.

but of course, auntie alfie has her own version of the word "girly." hahhaha!

Happy bday, lil mama!

and speaking of zombies and girly at the same time.. did you get to read this book? because it is hilarious!

It made Jane Austen a bit less boring to me =)


Check it out!

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