Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This info was passed down to me from D. Masen of the Buy Pinoy Campaign. (Please sign up!


Waltertainment is casting 'D-volution', a 3-minute horror short film for entry into contests and film festivals.

Logline: A man must choose between saving himself or his sick wife who may no
longer be his wife.

Rehearsal will take place in July 24-25. Shoot is scheduled for two full days,7/31 and 8/1.

Seeking --

HUSBAND: early 30's, scientist, loving, compassionate, unconventional hero,
Adrien Brody type. Quiet, brooding, cerebral -- but fierce when he wants to be.

WIFE: late 20's/early 30's, scientist, slim (will be showing the effects of
zombie sickness), tough and resilient yet feminine. Think Hilary Swank at the
end of Million Dollar Baby(sans the paralyzed part). Wry, sarcastic humor a

Both roles are heavy on emoting without dialogue. Heavy makeup effects including eye contacts. Must not be allergic to FX makeup. Some mild fighting and stunts.

(Experience with fighting and stuntwork a plus.)

Send headshot, resume, link to demo reel to Pay is
$50 weekend rate / $50 deferred (contest/festival winnings). Copy, credit, and
meals provided. Non-union.

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