Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Mile in Her Shoes: A Political Fashion Show by Gabriela Network

ok, i am so late in posting and updating.

it's what happens when life takes you by the back of the neck and says "LIVE!"

and being that i am up and awake, i will take the opportunity to actually update my blog.

In February 2009, I took part in Gabriela Network's annual fashion show. This year's theme is called "A Mile in Her Shoes", a tribute to women defenders. I was asked to submit a pair for showcase, and to donate a pair for auction.

I selected Assata Shakur; and what better way to celebrate her but with 5-inch heel boots.

I donated Vans slip-ons for the auction:

The day was amazing. More than 300 people attended our event at the Eagle Rock Plaza.

Our Lovely Hosts

My "Hands Off, Assata" piece, modeled by Jade Ross: photo by Christopher Rafie:

photo by Christopher Rafie:

photo by Christopher Rafie:

photo by Christopher Rafie:

Christopher Rafie:

Christopher Rafie:

Christopher Rafie:

Alison, Lalee, phloe

phloe, lainey, me

phloe, lainey, me, then kat, and alison

danger dan and me

Performances by Kuttin' Kandy, The Fighting Cocks, and Bambu were also part of the Fashion Show.

Kuttin Kandy and her friend doing spoken word

The Fighting Cocks singing truth

Bambu closing out the night

Thank you, ladies for making this happen!

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