Monday, June 15, 2009

1 month-long post-surgery liquid diet : Day 3

today, i call my mouth "Frankenstien." i can feel the stitches along the sides of my tongue. i had a gum graft to correct gums that were receding before i lose the tooth that were supporting it. (Lesson of the month: DON'T BRUSH YOUR TEETH SO HARD.)

basically, what they did is that the sliced off some healthy gum from the roof of my mouth and attached it to the receding gum. slice, slice, stitch, stitch.

i don't care to go into details and how that was like. i'll save that for the forums.

anyways, in order for giving the gums to regenerate and heal, i have to be on a liquid diet for a WHOLE MONTH. i am hoping that sometime down the line, my doctor will allow me to eat soft solid foods. broth and smoothies are just not going to cut it.


the liquid diet isn't as bad as i thought it would be. i mean, i do miss food but i dont care to eat simply because, well, the taste of your own blood helps you lose your appetite.

but i have been substituting my eating time with.. dun dun DUUUUUNNNN....... shopping.

meet the newest member of my small and humble dunny collection. did i really need to spend 8 bux on a collectible. hell fuckin' no. but i was dropping my work off at Chuckwa's in Fullerton for the United CAT's Year Anniversary art show and well, i had to buy something...

I also bought this lil bad boy:

Nishika 3D lenticular camera

while dropping off film from my Lomo camera, i came across this film camera. remember those 3d prints where you would have to tilt to see the pic? well, with this lenticular camera, you can have a 3d print of your very own pic without using special glasses.

check out the sample on this person's blog:

and don't think i abandoned the digital game. nope. in fact, i upped my game...

i got myself a Canon SD780 IS camera... in RED.

12.1 MP... HD video...all in a small sexy body. word. samples will soon be posted.

but i am so glad that in my shopping spree, i was able to catch up with my family/friends, the Lovelaces!

i missed my godson's 4th bday party cuz my sister and mom had their own bday dinner the same day.

anna, dad, and mom

got a text from vanessa said they were going to be in Santa Monica and i quickly called back and asked her what Malcolm liked.

apparently he is into Legos and was happy with what i got him

kaya bear apparently loves gelato and can't sit still to take a pic with me

once she sat down, she was back into her own little gelato-lovin' world

malcolm doesn't think auntie alfie is as sweet

bless this beautiful family!

and bless this lil guy

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