Thursday, February 26, 2009

2nd (whirl)wind

hanging out with Rudy last night, he said, "man, alf. you are non-stop! it seems like you are constantly out and busy. how do you do it?"

"easy," i said, "there are things i sacrafice- like sleep and relationships."

i said that to dave too, today and he said "It's all good. you are too busy to mess with men who are not worth it."

am i?

well, what i mean is am i too busy to mess with men or am i making myself busy so i don't have to deal with knowing someone?

eh, i won't even get into it here in this blog o' mine. but for the most part, the blessings have been abundant. i feel full. i am remaining to be open to let good energy flow in and out, but protective enough to let bad energy flow out and stay out.

but anyways, my life has been pretty busy. i feel bad not documenting it for myself (and have a part of me believe that some of you out there are still reading.. well at least hoping.)

i've been working working working and the boundaries of that have been blurring with fun fun fun.

i worked for the chinatown music and sports festival back in february 7th...(supposingly 8th too but i got mad sick from the 7th)

my ass was up at 5am... it's an unGodly hour. but it was beautiful to see the sun come up.

these pics show a better version of me.. cuz after 16 hours i was feeling shitty. caught the flu and was sick for two days.

behold ghost(baby)face killah...

but before that crazy 17 hour work day,i had to stay up and finish a piece for the show in Brooklyn. the basic concept is taking a mannequin form and flip it


soooooooooooo not my size... argh.

more pics to come:

i need to get home and work on some more shit... it will never end.

ciao folks

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