Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ever since the untimely death of my friend, i have gone from being numb to now wanting to grab each day and hug it so hard, that as each one passes, it was spent with awareness, love, and honor.

no more fleeting days.

life is short

and life is valuable.

2009 came but unfortunately, not with loving arms or with a glimmer of positivity. even Obama's inauguration, which i have waited so patiently, have been over shadowed with injustices, in the nation and overseas.
i never wanted to know Oscar Grant's name in the fashion it has made famous. a young life taken so carelessly, by a pig hiding behind a badge. it's sickening.
justice to oscar grant.
and the gaza attacks. look, i have re-read history. i have read both sides. and though i cannot condone the killing of innocent people, i must also take account the history of trying to siege land from people, the unbalance of violence, and the the poor treatment of the Palestine civilians.
i am tried of the mass media glossing over the topic and being biased. i am tired of the demonizing of a people who only wants their freedom to live and thrive in their homeland and i am tired of the zionist movement spilling blood yet calling themselves victims.

yes there are two sides of the story. yes, i empathize with the victims and the lives lost in both sides. however, i cannot stand in silence about the slow genocide that is happening in Gaza.
i stand for peace.
here are the pics from the peace rally sponsored by AnswerLA: westwood, Los angeles, california

LA MOOPIE - 8 years old!

Get Down for Gaza: benefit for the Gaza victims
proceeds went to the humanitarian organizations stationed in Gaza for much needed aid - medical supplies and services, food, water, etc...

packed house...

MC of the night: Mark Gonzales

Jade Ross rocks

one of the many fierce sista-soldiers in the struggle

in peace.. in solidarity

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