Monday, November 21, 2005

Phenomena whoa

There is this new phenomena happening around my life. I constantly experience de ja vu with people I bump into in events or at the streets.

I'd stare and stare at them, thinking I would know them.

"hey, do I know you?"

"do you do spoken word?"

"did I go to college with you?"

Leaving these people to think that I am trying to pick up on them, only to realize it is some fucking reality show star.

See it seems like these participants are all coming to los angeles- inhabiting in this city, these reality show people. Going to the restaurants, going to movie screeings and QnA's, shopping at trader joe's

Scenario 1:
My sister and I were at the sushi bar. In comes this girl who my sister was like "dude, did you go to school with her? Didn't you all fight?"

And strangely enough, I couldn't place her but I had this residual dislike for her.

After 15 mins of mad-dogging and trying to place her, I realize.

Oh shit.. Its flor from miami real world.

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