Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Broken habits

I used to blog like a fiend. I think it all started when I worked at my second job and my designs went thru its normal stages of approval way too slow. I needed something that would seem like I am working but would allow me to process the thoughts in my head. Nothing sucked more than being at a job where creativity is not being used. You feel drained over the monotony of things.

Tippity tap tap of the keys.

But then I started blogging. Where my employers thought I was busy coding a page, I was discussing about metaphysics, the mystery between two people sharing chemistry, a freestyled poem.

And I did this for years.

I have noticed that I did this during my return of saturn. Coincidently, I questioned a lot of things, meaning I also discovered a lot of revelation.

Now I don’t blog as much. I am thinking it is because I do not work at an office and the only time I spend on the comp is because of work or if I am contacting someone miles away. In fact, a lot of times, I want to spend time AWAY from the comp as possible.

That.. Or maybe I am now putting into practice the things I learned from my return of saturn.

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