Saturday, October 01, 2005

love is in the air

Deja vu. In four hours, my friends moonie and lovella are finally getting married. They have been together for more than ten years and today is the day that FINALLY make it "official."

I remember moonie asking advice on how to impress her. Little did I knew, she liked him back.

I remember lovella checking out my house to see if she wants to move in with me. little did I knew, she would grow to be one of my sisters.

I remember him sleeping over and complaining that we didn't have centralized heat or air. That we didn't have cable or a sufficiently playing.

I remember going to hawaii with them after I broke up with my long-term boyfriend. They were great companions for a broken heart.

I remember 4am runs to krispy kremes.

I remember Sunday at moonie's house watching wrestlemania's year after year and lovella not understanding my liking wwe other than the rock being hot.

I remember shopping with lovella only having moonie drag BOTH of us back the car.

moonie and alfie, the college years

lovella and me at one of moonie's bbq parties

And after all that is said and done, I am sooo happy to be part of this wonderful wonderful event. I only hope I don’t start crying when she walks down the aisle. This is a long time coming.

So I better get ready, curl my hair, iron my dress (again. I get to where the bridesmaid dress I wore at arnie's wedding one more time! luckily, lovella was just asking us to wear any shade of purple. Thank god, christel happened to choose a lilac colored dress.)

Oh, and guess what? We are walking down to "tender love"... You old schoolers know what I am talking about!! whut!!!

but before I leave...

Here is a painting I was commissioned to do:

Don't worry on not getting it. It is chock full of little inside jokes that only a couple would know. A dude up north liked my skills and asked me to paint something for their anniversary today. He gave me all the art directions and this is what I came up with. How cute is that????

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