Saturday, September 17, 2005

wedding wedding wedding

i am hawaii, getting my hair done, because in two hours, arnold and christel is getting married. my makeup is slightly off because i have gotten darker sitting out in the sun. oh well. once the "i dos", i am shimmying out of my dress and into jeans and a tank top. shoot, i am in hawaii man!

but before i go...
let me tell you about the game we played last night on waikiki. all up and down the strip are stores called the "abc store". it is worst than starbucks in los angeles. i mean, you walk 20 feet and then BAM, an abc store.

so what we made up is a drinking game where the groom takes a shot from those mini bottles of liquour every time we pass by an abc store, each of us alternate drinking with him. ( * side note, i was basically the only female in his bachelor party.)

arnie had crown royal, bailey's, malibu rum, mango vodka, hypnotiq, jack daniel's, and four more drinks i can't remember. yup, he was stumbling .

we only hope he drank enough water to not be hungover for the wedding.

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