Tuesday, September 06, 2005

enjoy the silence

i am begginning to love early mornings, particularly from 445am-645am. that is the time when the city is truly silent and the only thing you hear are birds and the occasional city squirrel. during that time, the sun seem to be humming. i swear it does! it's during that time, that i hear myself the most, when i am more proned to listen to the first thing my spirits says before ego chimes in and tries to put her two cents in. sometimes, regardless at what time i go to sleep, i wake up just about 430am and stay up, just to listen to the silence. by 7am, i got back to bed, to wake up at a later hour, when i feel more rested.

a few years ago, i had the experience of meditating with a buddhist monk. i never understood why he wanted to meet so early. he said that there are jewels all around and people who sleep in, miss those treasures. i used to sit there with a blank face. now i realize wht he meant and i dont have the words to sufficiently describe what i feel about it.

all i know is this morning, i felt my spirit forgive me. i also felt her encourage me to keep going on and to find compassion within to give to others. she also told me look out for others not be afraid to trust those who has far exceeded in earning it.

and to stop drinking so much coffee

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