Tuesday, July 19, 2005

i am sitting here, trying to give kennedy love advice while i digest my food so that i can go and work out.

it's been awhile since i updated my blog. this blog was a way to keep my mind active and creative while sitting in a cubicle work environment. an avenue to vent and just talk shit.

but since i work at home, and i am staying creative and active, i rarely come on here to vent. plus, i have been pretty upfont with people so situations where i normally passively complain or admit to and i normally retreat to blog, i have already dealt with it.

"yo, i like you and i am seeing where this is leading to"

"dude, you bug the fuck outta me"

"damn, this part of the job sucks."

plus, if i am not working, i am hustling. hustling in trying to find the next job, the next gig, the next event. my typing are more so reserved for that.

oh, how i miss reading other people's blogs. most of my friends has their responsibilities up-ed at work so they don't blog.

could this be the end of an era?


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