Thursday, January 08, 2004

last "official" day
i am cleaning out my cubicle as we speak. (side note: have you ever watched "office space?")

anyways. yea, cleaning out my cubicle and deleting all my files that they don't need. it's like feng shui but for my life. hahaha!

i don't feel sad. a bit amped for being a freelancer. i have some jobs that are actually lined up for me that i need to finish and send invoices to once i get home.

but here is the catch. my dad is at my house right now with the repair man fixing the heater. hell's bells if i tell my pop that i got laid out. my mom and dad will freak out.

i know i am a grown ass woman but you don't know what it is like having filipino parents (unless you are filipino). they worry needlessly.

i will just explain to them that i own my own business. hahaha!

so now, i gotta find a place to hang out till pop goes home.

venice beach.... =)

the other graphic designer came by and bid me farewell. it was sweet. you know, five people had looked me in the eye and didnt really say a word. it's funny how people are really nonconfrontational. wow....

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