Friday, September 05, 2003


stories historic
truth stranger than fiction
archaic my diction
getting worser
explain to me what "govern" meant
memory lapse decaying affliction
needing a fix for crippled thinking
invalid blinked when twitch
triggered finger
and conducted twitch to grounded body
drowned in snotty blood
snitched live and let live
killers back in Little Havana
emotions mixed on Che Guevara
dead red or
revolutionary communist
munition fed revolver
hammer swing under sickle moon
i spit to cleanse sickly wound
will not die in a revolutions womb
lament over unknown soldier`s tomb
the revolution will not be televised
because by then we will have exhausted all our fuels
argue with fools
listen to old men spin yarns enough for a thousand spools
sicarios drool as blood pools
guns are tools
in slang linguistic and realistic
you just don`t understand
this kid isn`t gifted
i earned it.

--- from edgar allen poetic

a soldier

come back safely. i wish things were different

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