Wednesday, July 30, 2003

random thought #1
i hate ugly fruit. ugly fruit creeps me out. but ugly fruit are probably the non- GM ones and they are probably organic. but i can't help it. bruises and nicks gross me out. like i won't even eat a banana with liver spots. oh hell no. i give that to my roommate cuz she don't care. blaaaaah!

right now i am eating a damn ugly fuji apple. i am pretending not to see the imperfections. i am ignoring the childhood schoolyard urban legends of finding a damn ugly insect inhabiting my food. no.. i am not thinking about it. i am a bear.. a bear from the forrest who doesn't give a shit.. or something.. yea..

random thought #2
i think i need to date a metrosexual man. that way we can do it all. we can make mad passionate love and he will make me strawberry crepes afterwards. we can watch wrestling after watching the food channel. he can help me feng shui my house so we can better channel our chakras to our enviroment so we can practice kama sutra while watching a laker game. we can go to the spa together after shooting hoops or skating at venice. he can borrow my mini hoop earrings and my KMS hair care product line....

oh wait... i dated a dude like that for nine years

hmmmm.. i think i want to be the diva

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