Thursday, December 26, 2002

asuncion, december 2002

warmth, december 2002

christmas was jolly::..
christmas was ho ho ho jolly this year. actually, ever since my pop came home, ANY time with the family is a good time. we laugh more. we joke around more. we hug more. that adage of "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger" has proven its validity. we ARE stronger as a family. this whole year has been a blur, both emotionally and physically. i have been pushed to the limit in more than one occasion and it has made me see some of the holes i have in life. some of these holes are put in by people; some of them are there because of me. my goal now is to patch them up and keep on, keep keepin' on.

but no matter what, my foundation is strong. i have love. i know this as fact. it's indicative in the people that surrounds me. and as long as i keep remembering that, i won't lose grip on who i am and where i am going.

God has proven His alliance with me and His love for me, even when i pulled away from Him. its because of that, i know my worth, and i know my duty...

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