Monday, December 09, 2002

AIM chat of the day:

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phloe: okay, so i am moving a shelf and in order for me to move it, i took down the books
phloe: and i came across your chapbook
phloe: and i read your poetry of forlorn love
phloe: not to mention i saw a copy of THE TEMPLE OF BODY OF MY FAMILIAR
phloe: and i thought to myself, "that alfred. what a gal"
phloe: then i come back to my aim window and see your url
phloe: and the words "YO, IMMA KNOCK ME UP SUM MAN" are on our screen
phloe: you silly alfred

b gives me advice:
i said:
"phil says that i need to find a man who is willing to share me with the world. is that right? or do i pull away from all the things i do in order to build with someone? but how can i do that when i LOVE what i do? (( sigh )).

b says:
"you shouldn't pull away from the things you do, b/c that's who you are.eventually, when you meet someone who's right for you, you may find yourself losing the desire to do all the things that you currently do, and that is okay.but you shouldn't pull back from your life in order to build someone... unless your heart tells you to..."

thanks,b. love yer guts

mama gives me advice
"enjoy your life, alfie. you are still young. do everything that makes you happy. don't get married. what i mean is, don't settle for just any man. he will come soon. but for now... enjoy your life..."

i am one of the rare filipina artists where my parents actually WANT me to do explore life and not be scared.

shirley (65 year old woman i used to work with at a dept store):
"oh honey! just go out and have lots of lovers! ((singing)) WHATEVER, LOLA WANTS.... LOLA GETS...(( shimmying away))"

i love shirley. she is hilarious


i will post about my trip to san francisco and the world of art politics later. i am tickled at this subject on love.

no worries. i came full circle. i can now laugh at this...

meanwhile, kat, phil, brian, and caine are back!!!!! yaaaaaaaaaaay!

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