Monday, December 02, 2013

Bio-Exorcist : A Beetlejuice Tribute Art Show

2013 marks the 25th anniversary for Tim Burton's Beetlejuice. I was blessed to be asked to participate Deadmundo and Sketch's show, Bio- Exorcist. FINALLY, I was able to do this show. They have been inviting me to do one of their themed artshows for a couple of years but timing has been a bit hectic.
I decided to do a portrait of Lydia in my style. This is a 12"x12" mixed media on canvas piece, specifically done for this show.

"Say My Name"
Mixed Media on Canvas

Unfortunately, I was tied up in an event and missed most of the opening. I manage to get a couple of flicks of other artists' work. From the pics that I have seen on Instagram (#deadsketch), the event was a huge success. Even though I grabbed the tail end of it, there was a huge crowd outside the gallery just hanging out.

Top pic taken from Instagram

This piece is the cutest. Done by 4 year old Dahlia, she asked if she can hang this piece up. She said she painted "beetles but forgot to paint the juice." My friend, artist Jake Prendez shown below, bought the piece off from her.. soooooooo cute!

Some work in progress shots:


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