Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tonight! We Heart Japan Art Show Benefit

The tentative signing schedule has been announced. Please keep in mind that changes may occur. Come down and meet these talented folks Thursday!

DC Douglas
Crispin Freeman
Wendee Lee
Melanie MacQueen
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Daran Norris
Michelle Ruff
Troy Baker
Laura Bailey
JB Blanc
Liam O’brien
Sam Riegel
Travis Willingham
Richard Epcar
Tony Oliver
Stephanie Sheh
Ellyn Stern
Cristina Vee
Tommy Yune

All proceeds raised by the event will go towards the “Japan NGO Earthquake Relief and Recovery Fund”. WeHeartJapan took great care in choosing a charity that we felt would best help the quake and tsunami victims in Japan. At the time of this posting, Japan has only asked for help from two US based charities: “Doctors without Borders” and “Search Dog Foundation”. “Doctors without Borders” does not have a way for donators to specify which country or cause they would like their monies to go and the later is an organization that dispatches dogs to help rescuers find survivors. Search Dog Foundation has sent a team of 16 dogs to Japan and has already raised $100,000 toward this organization. While both charities are wonderful organizations, and we support them whole-heartedly, we opted to pick the “Japan NGO Earthquake Relief and Recovery Fund” who is working with the “Give One” initiative in Japan, which will give money directly to local Japanese charities involved in the relief efforts.

Don’t live in an event city, but want to donate?

Want to donate art, or volunteer to help with events? Please email Pinguino.


Anonymous said...

you are a genius!You have such a great heart!!!I am proud of you!!

Anonymous said...

you are doing a great thing