Monday, August 15, 2005

taking a breath

I am trying not to complain that I have too much work because often times, I complain when I don’t have ANY work.

I do this by detaching emotionally to things- to try to stay focused and understand that this is the period for me to work my toosh off. Living as a freelancer is awesome but living as a hustler isn’t so romantic, and trust me, “hustler” and “freelancer” go hand in hand.

You are working nonstop. If you are not working and juggling clients, you are looking for jobs and other gigs. If you are not hustling for other gigs, you are following up on your accounts, making sure invoices are sent out and checks are in the mail. All these hours are not “on the clock” so you try to be as efficient as you can.

So you live as if you are always behind but you want to be ahead. You are constantly on your toes and you are trying to be sharp and keep up with the ever changing dynamics of the design world, or you are trying to figure out what is the best way to paint your vision, or you are trying to see what is the trends without being trendy.

(( switching to first person ))

I never find enough time. Me detaching emotionally? Let me back paddle and clarify that. Basically, I gotta stay fluid, no longer fighting life’s currents, but doing what I can to stay afloat, trusting where the currents take me, and deal as go along. In the meanwhile, I am going to enjoy the ride and know I am taken care of.

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