Wednesday, June 16, 2004

slow down, babydoll

just got back from kickin' it with traci at The Coffee Table in silver lake. dry soy cappacinos and fat free snicker doodles accompanied the creative pow wow. my mind is going 100 mph and i can't seem to finish all the projects that i par take. i have several series of paintings and stenciling i need to do; five poems that are waiting to be done; clothes that are designed in the pages of my journal that needs to be sewn; shows that need to be produced; movies that need to be edited; all need to be done while while finishing several projects for clients.

i am a very busy girl.

very busy.

but i often think i don't do enough

until my friends come in and intervene the my slight depression.

i know things happen for a reason. i know my path leads me to other places. i know i have faith in what my life experiences have taught me and most of all, i have trust in where God guides me.

i dove into life and fell in love with it again. the obstacles in the road are strategically placed there for me to learn to go around or over come it. i have to remember the pain brings strength. i am not the same person i was five years ago. shit, i am not the same person i was last year.

but man, sometimes it is hard to remember to have fun. i am happy of where i am. i am happy people buy my art, come to my shows, believe in my vision where they would provide me space to create and express. and to them i thank. to god i thank. to my ancestors, i thank.

maybe i just need to remember to be more appreciative and remember to praise than to complain and be fearful.

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