Friday, October 24, 2003

Alfie says: hey would you be able to go to nommo?
kittie1527: i'm pretty sure, yeah!
kittie1527: if i do, i might read
kittie1527: i have an angry la piece brewing. i might do that at nommo
Alfie says: about what?
kittie1527: just all these fuckin' LA haters
kittie1527: do you notice that...
kittie1527: all the rappers with diamonds n shit ... are NOT from LA?
kittie1527: even snoop ain't that flashy
kittie1527: they're mostly from the south and nyc
kittie1527: and they TRY to be gangsta
kittie1527: please
kittie1527: ew
kittie1527: ok i'll save it for the poem.

los angeles... por vida!!! i do. i love this city, from its grit to its glory. she holds me.

oh, and nommo is an open mic i co-host and co-produce every last saturday of the month. you should go!

NOMMO-Open mic+art+capoeria+beats-10/25/03

Please distribute far and wide

Brasil Brasil Cultural Center


Open capoeria+mic+art+beats

8:30 pm; doors open at 8pm
$3 dollar admission fee

October, 2003
(Every last Saturday of the Month)

WHAT: NOMMO – capoeira and open mic
WHEN: Oct 25, 2003- Saturday
3021 Airport Ave., Suite 104B
Santa Monica, Ca. 90405

This month’s featured artist:

this month’s guest dj:
brawski on the ones-n-two's

hosted by alfie and ish


By Car: To reach the studio from the Santa Monica
Freeway exit westbound at Bundy South. Continue to Airport
Avenue and turn right.

Continue to the second stop sign and turn right
into the parking area. The studio is located inside the Barkar
Hangar, but the entrance is on the westside of the building.

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