Tuesday, January 07, 2003

when i grow up, november 2002

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acrylic paints, torn up sex ads from the LA Xpress on canvas

i have noticed that there are way too many faces in the porn industry. it really hit home when you start to see women who you went to college with or women that you see on occassion at a hollywood bar. what drives a woman to the business of porn. don't get me wrong, i am all for being sex positive and sex liberated (don't get that confused with promiscuity but what drives a woman to be so open and free as to sell her sexuality as commodity, and reinforcing these standards and conventions that us "normal" women have to live by? ( this is where i raise my middle finger to those conventions.) this piece is to remind us that these women were once innocent little girls with big dreams. dreams of being a doctor, dreams of being a teacher, a lawyer, a dancer, what have you. this is a tribute to their innocence.

random thought
aaaaaaah, doritos and cheap coffee... the breakfast of champions.

random thought
don dada got a haircut... he has a mohawk!!! hehehehehe

random thought
i like evan from joe millionaire! he's a pretty cool guy! but i hate to break it to you, evan, but them women want you for you make-believe $50 mil.

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