Friday, June 25, 2010

On June 11, 2010, stuter and i collaborated on a piece for Soul Sessions' 2010 California Soul. And how fuckin' excited i was to find out that Kool Herc (Godfather of Hip Hop) and Mix Master Mike were the headlining acts. California Soul tends to be a gigantic block party outside of Grand Star Jazz Club and it certainly kicks off my summer.

stuter and i were talking extensively about the current oil spill crisis of the Gulf of Mexico. we highly concerned and apparently quite frightened with where our planet is going- a spiraling downfall towards destruction. we have yet to see the aftermath of this crisis.

so obviously, our concerns were shown in our work.

despite of the heavy subject matter, i am glad to do a piece like that in a club setting. for the most part, people roll through, look at our piece and we further continue the dialogue with other people.

met some really cool folks. particularly these sisters. the cardona sisters give me encouragement in my work so to meet them in personally (finally) was definitely one of the many highlights.

i wish i got to see Mix Master Mike spin. but i definitely ENJOYED his set and am proud that i painted to his set. he slammed us with dubstep. it was amaazing!

and kool herc, the godfather of hip hop. he did a dope set with break beats! but then he started playing more mainstream cugts which i didn't really care for. maybe he didn't know how we get down in Soul Sessions. or maybe he was just doind a timeline of hip hop from the beginning to where it is now. meh. but i still appreciate him being there!

big ups to the Soul Sessions family! thanks for letting me be part of it! can't wait for the Make It Funky Summer Fest!

First pic and Kool Herc pics by Kris Perry Photography

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